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Stable income generating business opportunity!

Minimal risk, high return with superior business support structure. Reasonable overheads and no royalties with exclusivity in your area.

Purchase Price R 550 000,00
Asset Value (Equity on your balance sheet) R 481 000,00
Projected ROI (Period required to recover the capital layout) 12 to 18 months
Projected nett monthly Income before tax R 59 578,49 p/m

Only the best is good enough with us:

If you agree with our philosophy that clients deserve only the best products and service, you are the ideal candidate inassisting us growing the New Trend Trailers brand to last generations.

Low risk / high return on investment:

Just about every investment opportunity seems to claim this nowadays. We can however back the statement, kindly send us a request for a prospectus, and familiarise yourself with the facts.

Superior business support structure:

In order to ensure your ability to provide clients with only the best, we provide you with a business support structure that’s implemented & maintained by our team of highly skilled professionals.

Interdependency makes the difference:

The success of your business ensures the growth of our company. We therefore have a vested interest in making sure you achieve your goals as set out in the business plan and strategy.

Area exclusivity is our guarantee to you:

You will be the only New Trend Trailer Hire & Sales agent in your area. Even though there are other trailer hire & sales companies, you will benefit from our superior quality trailers & strong brand.

Reasonable overheads and no royalties:

Monthly expenses are relatively low compared to similar type businesses. We don’t charge any royalties, only a fixed monthly fee in order to provide you with our marketing & support services.

In order to be a market leader, you need to be first and stay ahead or you need to offer the best products & services. New Trend Trailers can certainly not claim to be the first in the trailer hire and sales market sector, but we can definitely claim that we are the best! Not only does our trailers set a New standard when it comes to building quality, so does the service level provided by our devoted staff at our various trailer hire and sales outlets.

If you are tired of inferior product and service delivery, and want to be part of a brand that only offers the best, this opportunity is for you. New Trend Trailers is setting a new trend when it comes to the trailer hire and sales business sector: Our manufacturing standards are the highest and our trailers also features unique & superior components that sets it selves apart from the rest. When it comes to rentals, you will never find stock un-road worthy; dirty or in poor conditions in any way what so ever. Our highly trained staff will provide you with proper advice and friendly service.

It is also the “small things” and attention to detail that usually makes customers come back. Our collective experience in the trailer hire and sales industry has taught us a few tricks. This intellectual property will be shared with you, once you have decided to join our passionate family.

The management and support staff at New Trend Trailers consists of highly qualified mechanical engineers responsible for the design and development of our growing product range; operational support staff with years’ experience in the trailer hire and sales industry and a dedicated in-house marketing team with expansive knowledge in on-line marketing & sales. Our team of professionals in their various fields of expertise will ensure the success of your business and together we will achieve in our shared goal – setting the New Trend of excellence in the Trailer Hire and Sales industry!

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